CD Palencia Cristo Apologise To The Zimbabwean Goalie For Racial Abuse

Spanish Segunda REFF Side CD Palencia Cristo Atletico have apologised to Zimbabwe Warriors and UD Llanera goalkeeper Martin Mapisa after he was racially abused by fans in a game between the two sides on Saturday.

The 23-year-old, who is on loan from Zamora CF, was targeted during a 0-2 loss at Estadio Nueva Balastera stadium.

A section of the home fans occupying the bay behind Mapisa’s goal, were heard repeatedly yelling monkey chants toward the Zimbabwean.

The matter was brought to the attention of the match officials who in the 52nd minutes issued a warning over the stadium’s public address system to stop the behavior and CD Palencia Cristo Atletico has since issued an apology.

“First of all, our apologies to Martín Mapisa, on behalf of the club and all our fans, nobody deserves these insults that do not represent our club or our fans.

There is no place in sport or in society for any kind of discriminatory behaviour. Such repulsive behavior goes against the sports spirit, the values ​​of our club and a total lack of respect for all the people who, with their work and effort, try to make football serve as a benchmark of union between different communities, social sectors and countries around the world, “read the statement

The club added that Investigations are underway to identify the culprits.

“From the club we hope that the requested collaboration takes effect and the identification of the person in charge is completed, otherwise the club cannot fail to act accordigly and in the absence of identification of the person in charge, the fund sector will be closed north (among other measures) from which these repulsive and intolerable behaviors took place, for the next meeting in La Balastera.

Our fans must understand that if action is not taken there is no point in showing a conviction in writing as it would be forgotten, in these cases everyone must act, we the first to show an example, those who have heard it they must identify it because the facts harm the club, it harms the responsible fans who are the vast majority and above all it harms our city and the sporting spirit. “

Mapisa responded by thanking the club for the support against rascim and explained how difficult it is for foreign players to work under hostile conditions.

“Sometimes it’s very difficult with our career in a foreign country,” wrote Mapisa on a Facebook post

“We’re just trying to make our dreams come true and to make our family and loved ones happy so that we can have a better and happy life,” he said.

The former Aces Academy graduate is excelling well in Spain and is reportedly under the radar of several Laliga sides including Real Betis Balompie.

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